Sleeping Pretty: Tips for a Solid Beauty Sleep

Sleeping Pretty: Tips for a Solid Beauty Sleep(Source: Choreograph, iStock/Thinkstock)It's no coincidence that we not only feel––but look––better when we sleep well. But what's the correlation between sleep and beauty, and how can we help ourselves reap the beauty benefits of a good night's sleep? We asked expert Christine Burke, VP of luxury Swedish bed brand Hästens—which makes mattresses using premium, natural, biodegradable materials such as flax, wool, cotton, pine, and horsehair—about all that and more.

Bottom line, does sleep make you prettier? If so, why?
"Yes. We all know that fatigue and little sleep can make us look worn, but a 'Beauty Sleep' study by the British Medical Journal proved that there is an important link between sleep and your physical appearance."

Really? What did this study reveal, specifically, about the beauty benefits of sleep?
"In the study, researcher John Axelsson and his team at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm found that sleep-deprived individuals appear less healthy, more tired, and less attractive than those who have received a full night's worth of sleep. Sleep is considered the body’s natural beauty treatment, and it’s probably more effective than any other treatment you can buy."

Wow! In that case, how can people improve not only the length, but the quality of their slumber?
"This is a great question, because a good night sleep’s should not be measured by the number of hours of shut eye—someone could have eight hours of sleep, but they might not be solid, restful hours. Turn off all electronic devices an hour before bed to prep the body for sleep. Make sure the room is dark so you can ease into sleep naturally. You should also stray away from having large meals before bedtime—try to aim to have dinner three or four hours before you hit the sack."

How about your bed or mattress?
"Definitely. People can improve their slumber by investing in a great quality bed that conforms to their body so they are not tossing and turning. Picking out the right bed is so personal—you have to make sure that the tension and size work for you. Basically, you want to make sure you are sleeping on a bed made of the best materials available, because natural materials are essential in guaranteeing an uninterrupted, luxurious sleep."

Why do natural materials improve the quality of a mattress, and consequently our sleep?
"Because they allow the bed to breathe, so you are always at an optimum temperature. Sleeping in a bed made of all natural ingredients means you are resting with nothing but nature in its purest form against your skin, ensuring your utmost well-being and comfort."

Sleeping Pretty: Tips for a Solid Beauty Sleep(Courtesy: Hastens)