Five Nutrition Tips From Kate Upton's Trainer

Five Nutrition Tips From Kate Upton's Trainer(Source: Gf/Bauergriffin.Com, Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images Europe)If you've ever wondered how trendsetters like The Other Woman star Kate Upton always look so great and balanced, usually, a personal trainer is involved. So when celeb trainers offer advice on health, we listen. Wellness visionary David Kirsch, known for his "sound mind, sound body" philosophy, believes in harnessing the connection between mind, body and spirit. With two decades of experience (including five books, and five fitness DVDs), Kirsch's latest endeavor is the Kirschbar (five for $12.50), a hundred-calorie snack packed with eight grams of casein––a slower-digesting protein that will keep you fuller longer. We asked Kirsch to share five celeb nutrition basics from which we can all benefit:

1) Why are both exercise and nutrition equally essential when it comes to getting it shape and maintaining a fit body?
"Nutrition is the fuel that empowers your workouts."

2) When training celebs such as Kate Upton, what are some of the factors you take into account when creating a personalized program for each one? Can we ask ourselves any of the same questions when developing our own regimens?
"I encourage all clients to take lifestyle, time commitment, and availability to a gym––and self-motivation into account."

3) What are some of the fitness challenges faced by celebs and civilians alike?
"Shared challenges include lack of time, lack of motivation, commitment to a program, exercise knowledge, detrimental nutrition habits and unrealistic goal setting."

4) And, what are some of the keys to success?
"A sound workout plan with reasonable goals and expectations combined with a sound nutrition program is key. Additionally, the importance of hydration and sleep should not be overlooked."

5) What should people keep in mind when eating and planning meals?
"An ideal meal program is five meals a day every three hours, focused on lean proteins, vegetables and carbs––based on whole foods. Carbs should be had earlier in the day, versus late night. Alcohol, sugar and processed carbs should be avoided."

Five Nutrition Tips From Kate Upton's Trainer(Source: David Kirsch, Gf/Bauergriffin.Com)Five Nutrition Tips From Kate Upton's Trainer
(Source: David Kirsch)