This New Wearable Device Tracks Your Strength Training

Push Tracks Your Strength Training More Efficiently Than Ever(Source: Thinkstock)

Wearable fitness trackers promise function, but inevitably attract fashion. They've become accessories in vogue—for example, Tory Burch's newly debuted fashion-forward designs for Fitbit and Nike's rose gold Fuelband, promoted with fashion blogger-style campaign photos. While these popular fitness trackers have banked on pretty and non-threatening measurement systems, a new high-tech, durable device called Push ($149) is bringing the focus back to real results with sports science. 

Push, which attaches to a no-slip elastic arm band, analyzes every movement during your workout. It digs deeper than just tracking steps and heart rates with a point system and measures strength with the same metrics elite athletes use. With one click at the start of your workout, the tool will log each exercise's reps, sets, power, force, balance, speed, one rep max and tempo. If your forearm muscle is getting worked during a bicep curl, for instance, Push can detect it. 

Push Tracks Your Strength Training More Efficiently Than Ever(Source: Push)

It's powered with a motion sensor, orientation sensor, accelerometer, Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery. The accompanying app displays data collected from your workout in visuals that help you better monitor your body, customize workouts and use the gym smarter and safer. Sharing capabilities also encourage you to get your friends on board, since we all know a little competition can push you harder.

Push Tracks Your Strength Training More Efficiently Than Ever(Source: Push)

Push has drawn attention from professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL and MLB, since coaches and trainers would find it especially handy to keep track of athletes all in one place. For the rest of us regular gym rats, however, it's a worthy investment that will help you get serious about your fitness goals. 

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