Workout Wednesday: Aly Teich's Burpees

The founder and host of The Sweat Life counts on a surprisingly simple full-body exercise.

Workout Wednesday: Aly Teich's Burpees
(Source: Aly Teich)

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Who: Aly Teich, Founder, CEO and host of The Sweat Life 
Best fitness advice ever received: "Consistency is everything. If you don't do anything consistently, you will never see results. I find the best way to keep consistent with a fitness routine is to find something you truly enjoy doing. That doesn't mean your fitness routine shouldn't be challenging, as that is the other way you get results. If you don't find some joy in it, you won't stick to it."
Favorite pre- or post-workout snack: "It really depends on what I am doing and how far before my workout I am eating. I always like to have something in my stomach before workouts. If I'm on the go, which I often am, I usually grab a healthy protein packed bar such as Designer Whey (12 for $19) or GoMacro Bars (15 for $46). Post-workout, I love to load up on muscle-quenching protein shakes. Luckily, New York City has so many options for grab-and-go smoothies from places such as Juice Press, Organic Avenue and Liquiteria. Otherwise, I make a protein shake at home. No matter what, it is key to stay hydrated—and yes, your choice of water does matter! I only drink Essentia water (24 for $37), as it not only keeps my performance energy up but helps keep my system alkaline as it's a pH-balanced water—which is key to all of our health!"
Favorite workout gear: "I love that you can now really show your style in workout clothes with so many great fashion-forward fitness brands emerging. My go-to item is great printed leggings that aren't just great to rock during a workout, but you can also throw them on with boots and a top for a standout street-to-sweat look! Right now, I am obsessed with my Just Live tropical-print leggings ($79)! I always get the most compliments in those, and the fit is as amazing as the print."
Gym bag beauty essential: "Mio Skincare Clean Slate workout wipes ($33). These are pre-packaged wipes that essentially offer you a shower with no water needed—amazing for anyone on the go. They are filled with all-natural yet potent cleaners that easily wipe away all dirt and leave your skin clean, moisturized and pH balanced! Like all Mio products, they smell amazing."

Go-to Exercise: Burpees (20 reps should take three minutes)
"As founder of The Sweat Life, I am constantly trying new workouts and ways to get in shape. However, my go-to move if I don't have time for anything else—and something I can do anywhere—are burpees! While burpees can be torturous, they are a true full body move you can do anywhere with no equipment needed. They hit every major muscle group and get your heart rate up!"

Workout Wednesday: Aly Teich's Burpees
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