New Fitness Brand We Love: Koral

New Fitness Brand We Love: Koral (Courtesy: Koral Activewear; L-R: Agile Jumpsuit, $139; Lustrous Legging, $90)Brazilian sensuality, style, and practicality converge in Koral Activewear, a sexy new collection created to take you from your workout to whatever awaits you throughout the rest of your day. Designed by Ilana Kugel, who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and now calls Los Angeles home, the L.A.-made, high-performance line ($58–$244) combines functionality and fashion––consider the company's innovative, moisture-wicking fabrics.

As for the elegant design, making the most of the feminine physique is Kugel's modus operandi, and many of Koral's sleek silhouettes are, in fact, inspired by memories of Rio's beaches and streets.

A bright color palette, as well as technical detailing such as mesh overlay spice up basic sports bras ($71), tanks ($71), and gorgeous lacquer-effect leggings ($90). One favorite standout is a tight one-piece Agile Jumpsuit ($139), which transforms the jumpsuit trend into a sexy, wearable, catsuit-inspired garment that we can't wait to get into.

New Fitness Brand We Love: Koral (Courtesy: Koral; Grip Sports Bra, $71; Lustrous Legging, $90) Koral Activewear is avalable at,,, Equinox, and boutiques across the U.S.