Beautifying Teas and Tonics: Five Key Ingredients To Look For

Beautifying Teas and Tonics: Five Key Ingredients To Look For(Courtesy: BijaBody) Tea is an awesome ritual: it provides comfort, warmth, connection to others, and sometimes, even a caffeine boost. But did you know that the herbs in some teas can actually make you feel and look better? Melissa Picoli does. She's an esthetician, and the founder of BijaBody, a Montana-based company that creates natural health and beauty systems, and in doing so, aims to "change the conversation about beauty."  

"I've been an esthetician and a world traveler for 12 years," she says. "I used to teach kayaking all around the world, and became really interested in regional herbs. When clients come to me with skin issues, most are digestive, lymphatic, or circulation based. No matter how much money you spend on facials and products, if you're not actually taking care of your internal system, your skin's not getting that much better."
Beautifying Teas and Tonics: Five Key Ingredients To Look For(Courtesy: BijaBody)As such, BijaBody beautifying teas and tonics contain medicinal and beautifying herbs and spices that benefit your insides—and by consequence, your outsides. Try the Herbal Beauty Tea, Nightly Beauty Tea, Baby Mama Beauty Tea, and for the man in your life, the Daily Man Tea ($15.50–$16 each). By the way, they're also premium, organic, premium, fair trade, and loose leaf (as opposed to tea-bagged). "They say it takes 20 teabags to get the benefits of one spoon of looseleaf tea," explains Picoli. "That's where the plant is still really nutrient rich." 

Curious about which herbs do what? Picoli broke down the specific benefits of five of BijaBody's key tea ingredients:

Ashawaganda: "This is a cool kind of ingredient that just popped into the scene. It's proven to slow down the aging process of cells, increase resistance to stress and disease, and normalize disturbances in the body’s ability to balance itself."

Turmeric Extract: "You don't see turmeric extract in tea very often, but this isolated antioxidant, anti-inflammatory component of turmeric prevents premature loss of skin elasticity and decreases your inflammatory response to sun and pollution damage. Turmeric also decreases pigment and scar formation."

Cayenne: "Cayenne is a potent fat burner that increases metabolism, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and aids digestion."

Rosehips: Basically, crushed rosehips provide easily absorbed Vitamin C. Rosehips contain antioxidants, carotenoids, flavinoids, polyphenols, leucoanthocyanins, and catechins.

Strawberry Leaf: Strawberry leaf helps balance the acids in your digestive tract, so it's a great digestive tonic. It's also being researched as an internal compound to increase skin's resiliency to sun damage."

Beautifying Teas and Tonics: Five Key Ingredients To Look For(Courtesy: BijaBody)