Doctors Have Named an Injury After Victoria Beckham, the Science Behind Cleansing Oils, and More

Doctors Have Named an Injury After Victoria Beckham, the Science Behind Cleansing Oils, and More
Victoria Beckham (Bauer Griffin)Victoria Beckham is an icon for relentless fashion—and it turns out her love of large handbags and refusal to wear flats has earned her recognition in the medical world. British doctors have coined a condition called Poshitis. One doc explained, “Women may think they are following a catwalk trend but they are storing up trouble. We have seen a huge increase in shoulder and neck problems and killer heels can add to the pressure on posture." [The Gloss]

If you, like me, have been curious to try out these touted cleansing oils but are too afraid to pick the wrong kind, YouBeauty has offered some guidance. Learn about the science behind these new skin gems and which one is right for you. [YouBeauty]

Haunted by stretchmarks? Live in fear of getting more? I hear ya. So does Prevention Mag. Turns out there are creams and supplements that actually help, for realzies. [Prevention]

Remember Chia Pets? "Cha-Cha-Chia!" Well, the plant's seeds are really quite magical, and not just for house decor. Not only are they a smart superfood rich in omega-3s, they also can be used topically. Ch-ch-check it out. [Prevention]
So we already know we need to load up on protein in the morning for a big metabolic kick, but it's not always easy to do. Fortunately, fitness Mag gathered up some yummy fat-fighting get-you-out-of-bed breakfast ideas. Mmm. [Fitness Magazine]

Vegan but still want the AM protein? FitSugar has you covered. [FitSugar]

As for getting that workout in, not having enough time is no longer an excuse. I'm sorry/You're welcome. [HuffPo]

Here, however, are some actions you can make to improve your health without breaking a sweat. Hint: It'll help your heart in more ways than one. [HuffPo]

In the meantime, I suppose we should try to resist highly fashionable bags like this one. Tear.
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