What NOT to Eat for Radiant Skin: A Celeb Dematologist's Advice

What NOT to Eat for Radiant Skin: A Celeb Dematologist's Advice(Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America, Courtesy) Ever spot a woman across the street whose skin was simply glowing? Chances are, her diet contributes to its luminosity. In fact, according to celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, what we eat plays a huge role in our skin health. (No wonder his 33,000 clients include Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jillian Michaels.) In his bestselling new book,Younger – the Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin, Dr. Lancer offers his tried-and-true tips on healthy skin, including advice on what to eat for a better visage.

"The whole purpose of dietary recommendations for skin is to reduce the demand of the body to produce insulin," says the jovial Dr. Lancer. "Insulin production makes the skin ruddy, porous, blemish-prone, it ages faster, blood flow is poor, so insulin production-boosting is triggered by sugar. Therefore, sugar in all forms is not a good thing, whether it's refined or otherwise."

Enter The Lancer Diet. "It's basically forty percent protein (meat or chicken grilled, no added salt, no spices); forty percent fat (avocado, olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, nuts); twenty percent carbohydrates." As for carbs, unless you're super active or athletic, he suggests opting for leafy green vegetables instead. "And in my own diet, I have a whole grapefruit every day with the peel and an apple with the peel, because you need fiber in your diet. So all carbohydrates have to be consumed with a significant fiber load, to keep glucose low."

With that in mind, we asked Dr. Lancer about which foods to avoid for radiant, youthful skin. Here are his five worst offenders:

1. Caffeine
"Products that have caffeine-containing components are not good for your skin. Caffeine in larger doses, whether it's coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, or tiramisu, is a dehydrating agent. It's a stimulant, it makes blood vessels in the skin worse, it makes the skin oiler, ruddier, it makes pores larger."

2. Dairy Products
"You have to get your calcium from supplements and from other fruits and vegetables. Dairy products make acne worse, and again, just like caffeine it makes oily, porous ruddy, scaly skin. So the entertainment people don't eat Greek yogurt, they don't go around drinking milk all day."

3. Spicy Foods
"Extremely spicy food is not good for the skin because it flushes and blushes the skin, and increases oil production. Whether it's Chinese food, Thai food, Mexican food, whatever it is."

4. Sushi
"Sushi is a high salt-containing food. The days of sushi are over, not just because of the nuclear waste coming out of Japan, but sushi is basically colored, raw fish that's heavily salted. And salt is not good for you, salt is a dehydrating component. I put all my patients on a 'no added salt' diet."

5. Starches (Sugar, Alcohol)
"Carbohydrate equals starch, which equals sugar, which triggers insulin production."

What NOT to Eat for Radiant Skin: A Celeb Dematologist's Advice(Source: Dr. Lancer)