Juice Wisdom From LuliTonix Founder Lianna Sugarman

Juice Wisdom From LuliTonix Founder Lianna Sugarman(Source: LuliTonix; L-R: LuliTonix Blended Greens juice, founder Lianna Sugarman) With so many juices on the market, the whole potable trend can get a bit overwhelming. We asked LuliTonix founder Lianna Sugarman to explain the difference between blended and pressed juices, the benefits of greens, and the hottest new juice ingredient—and we even got her to divulge a recipe, to boot.

Why is food so crucial to health, happiness, wellness and longevity?
"We often think of food as 'healthy’ or 'unhealthy' without really knowing the extent to which we are so reliant on what we take in and the impact food has. We may eat our kale and chia, we drink our greens, but we don’t really know why. Many of us also have fraught relationships with food. We see food as a weakness—ugh, pizza again!—or a temptation—yum,  cupcakes!—or a frenemy, rather than a best friend. Everything we take in can have a power to work in concert with our bodies to turn on or off various genetic predispositions we might have. The food we eat and drink is so potent and directly related to our wellbeing, vitality, mental health, and emotional balance."

Juice Wisdom From LuliTonix Founder Lianna Sugarman(Source: LuliTonix)Why did you start LuliTonix?
"When I started making these blends for myself and my fiancé, the benefits were immediate and dramatic. They cleared up digestive issues, stabilized my mood, gave me energy, and I Ioved them. I could not believe that anything so teeming with greens could be so delicious and so addictive. They completely changed my relationship to food, and re-calibrated my cravings and desires. And really healed the semi-toxic relationship I had toward food. I felt they were so essential while simultaneously being so crave-able, so delicious."

What is the difference between blended and pressed juices?
"Pressed juice is just the liquid that is extracted from the vegetable or fruit via a hydraulic press, so the fiber is discarded. Blending makes use of the whole food, retaining all the natural fiber."

Why are raw-blended greens so useful to add to the diet?
"Raw, organic greens are probably the most important things we can take in on a regular basis. They cleanse, rebuild, nourish, alkalize, protect…the list goes on. Blending the greens allows us to take in large volumes of the whole leaves, in an incredibly digestable way. The blending process ruptures the cellular wall of the plant, releasing the nutrients otherwise difficult for us to access, giving our bodies the best shot at absorbing as many of the nutrients as possible. They  are high in both soluble and insoluble fiber, so they keep everything moving and get all the trash out!"

What are some other fiber benefits?
"Fiber keeps our blood sugar level as well. Blood sugar spikes are so detrimental to health, wellness and fitness. Fiber is absolutely essential for energy, vitality and health. We all talk about detox, and cleansing—well fiber is a vital part of that process. Fiber grabs hold of those circulating toxins and fats and kicks them out of your body."

Chia is a hot new ingredient these days. Can you tell us about your Chia Potions?
"We heart chia so much. Our Chia Potions are chia seeds blended or shaken with cashew
milk, mixed with various other components to make filling, satisfying, energizing super-blends.
Chia—the Mayan word for strength, by the way—is a total athletic and general wonderfood. Chia is hydrophilic, which means that it holds many times its weight in water. Therefore drinking or eating soaked chia seeds keeps your hydration level up, your electrolytes balanced. It is a complete protein, a great source of Omega 3 and fiber."

Here's a recipe to try at home:

Strawberry Basil Spring Celebration
16 ounces water
8 organic strawberries
A few organic dried figs (any kind)
Juice of 1/3 lemon
Half an avocado
Small handful (a few leaves) of organic basil
A few small handfuls of organic baby spinach
Small amount of fresh peeled organic ginger or turmeric (optional)
A few ice cubes, if desired

Directions: Fill blender with water. Blend the greens first for 20 seconds or until blended. Add other ingredients, and enjoy! (Makes two servings.)

Juice Wisdom From LuliTonix Founder Lianna Sugarman(Source: LuliTonix)