Make Cardio More Fun With Crossrope's Weighted Jumpropes

This one's for the folks who hate running.

Make Cardio More Fun With Crossrope's Weighted Jumpropes
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When was the last time you used a jumprope? We wouldn't blame you if haven't touched one since your days playing double dutch on the middle school playground. Who would've thought that a kids' favorite is actually one of the most effective—and quick—forms of exercise? "Not only does jumping rope improve coordination and agility, but it provides heart-pumping cardiovascular exercise to rapidly burn calories," says Dave Hunt, founder of Crossrope. "It's portable, fun and anyone can do it."

Crossrope is an athletic brand that creates ropes with different weights. According to Hunt, jumping rope is one of the best full-body workouts because any kind of rope you use will immediately engage your calf muscles, quads and glutes. Lighter ropes improve quickness, agility and coordination, and can be used for longer interval training to build endurance. Heavier ropes increase resistance per rotation, so you're working your shoulders, forearms, biceps and abs. Another plus of heavier-weight ropes is that it will help you learn proper rhythm and timing.

Crossrope Burn Set, $65, at
Crossrope Burn Set, $65, at
(Source: Crossrope)

I tested out the Burn Set ($65), which is great for beginners since it starts you out with two different weights. After just 20 minutes of interval training (you can find jumprope workouts on Pinterest or on Crossrope's site), I felt as tired as I would have after doing three- or four-mile runs. The best part is I didn't even need to leave my home.

Crossrope's Burn Set has a four-ounce agility cable and a one-pound intensity cable, both of which you can use on any surface. The handles are easily detachable, which is ideal if you want to introduce other rope weights to your regimen or create a workout where you switch between the two. The whole package is portable—great if you're looking to keep up your exercise even while traveling. 

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