Grocery Shop Smarter with an App that Grades Your Food

Navigating food aisles is much easier when you know which items earn As.

Grocery Shop Smarter with an App that Grades Your Food
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As various diets go in and out of style, what is considered "healthy" constantly shifts. No matter what regimen you prefer, however, eating well comes down to a simple formula: eat a lot of vegetables, be mindful of proportions and avoid processed food. That last part gets challenged most when you walk down grocery aisles packed with quick, convenient meal solutions. Enter Fooducate, a mobile app that makes choosing the best food options simple with easy-to-understand letter grades.

You can scan the barcodes of 250,000+ products, or plug them in, and immediately see notes about ingredients and nutritional value. Even if you don't want to take the time to read labels closely, knowing that a food item earned a "C" is enough to tell you to stay away. Thankfully, you won't feel too deprived from your supermarket favorites because Fooducate also gives healthy alternative suggestions. 

Grocery Shop Smarter with an App that Grades Your Food
(Source: Fooducate)

In addition to evaluating your food, Fooducate takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle by integrating a tracker for activity and calorie intake. You can also read up on daily tips or glean knowledge from other Fooducate users on community forums. As long as you've got this resource in your pocket, healthy eating should be a breeze. 

Download the free app here.

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