Why You Should Drink More Water (and Get the Soma Filter)

Why You Should Drink More Water (and Get the Soma Filter)(Source: Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America, Courtesy: Soma)

It's no secret that drinking lots of fresh, filtered water is one of the most important elements in the wellness regimes of many celebs, including Kerry Washington, Michelle Obama, and Chanel Iman.
Drinking enough water––minimum eight glasses a day (as an active person, I drink even more than that)––has many benefits, ranging from glowing skin, improved immune system function, detox efficiency, and increased energy levels. (Even Michelle Obama advocates the benefits of hydration. The trendsetting First Lady's DrinkUp initiative encourages Americans to drink more water.)

As an avid water fan, I'm especially excited about a stylish new water filter called Soma, crafted from a glass carafe and featuring biodegradable/ compostable filters made of coconut shell carbon, vegan silk, and plant-based casing. I love the carafe's sleek, trendy design, and how its convenience can help us all
reap all the aformentioned health and beauty benefits of drinking enough water daily. Additionally, Soma supports the non-profit organization charity: water, which provides clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

"We knew that there's over 800 million people who don't have access to clean water, so we felt it was a natural connection that every time we sell a Soma water filter, we're also supporting charity: water's work to give clean drinking water to people in need," said
Soma co-founder and CEO Mike Del Ponte.

Mike recently joined charity: water on a trip to Ethiopia, along with a
filmmaker, author, filmmaker, photograher, DJ/ producer, and visual artist.

"We went and we saw water projects our customers are supporting every time they buy a filter," Mike said. "
We [also went] to villages where they did not have clean water, and literally the water that they're drinking looks like swamp water. Sometimes it has leeches in it, the animals are often drinking in it... and this is their only water supply. Sometimes they're walking over an hour to get that water. The impact is that children, instead of going to school, are fetching water, and women, instead of being in their homes, are fetching water. Even when they get the water, oftentimes they have no means to purify it so the water can make them sick. Frankly, it was quite difficult to see."

Mike and his travel companions also went to villages with charity: water clean drinking water projects. "It was night and day. The kids were in school everyone looked healthy, income levels were higher because adults were able to work instead of fetching water... it was unbelivably inspiring to see the difference between having and not having water. Our job was to go to the different villages, speak to people then take what we learned and convey it."

The Soma carafe with one filter retails for $49 (replacement filters are $12.99). Filters are delivered to your home every two months via the company's convenient subscription service. Lean more about Soma projects and charitable initiatives at drinksoma.com.
Why You Should Drink More Water (and Get the Soma Filter)
Why You Should Drink More Water (and Get the Soma Filter)(Photos: Courtesy Soma)