Hot New Workout Trend: Trapeze

Hot New Workout Trend: Trapeze(Jessica Stroup films some trapeze scenes for the hit CW show "90210." August 8, 2012 - Source: running away to join the circus was your childhood dream, you're in luck. Growing in popularity, trapeze schools around the country are ready to get you in shape by teaching you the art of the flying trapeze (as demonstrated by '90210' actress Jessica Stroup, above).

"With flying trapeze you get a different kind of workout than you would in the gym, and you're also up in the air, and it's open, and you can breathe and see the wonderful views," says Nolan McKew of Trapeze School New York, whose main location is at Pier 40 in NYC.

At the Trapeze School New York, a two-hour class teach you all you need to know to get flying, including safety precautions, positioning, and most of all, timing. "Basically, we teach you everything about the timing of the tricks. 'Cause that's what it's all about. Jumping off the board at the right time, listening to the instructor––because he knows the best time to accomplish the catch, which is the main goal of performing flying trapeze. Basically it's just about doing everything with the momentum of the swing."

Hot New Workout Trend: Trapeze
(Members of Trapeze School New York perform in front of the Manhattan skyline.(June 10, 2011 - Source: Mario Tama/Getty Images North America) Even if you're afraid of heights, rest assured that you're safely installed in a harness, with a net below you just in case. And "before we have anyone leave the ground, they go through an instruction series of proper positioning, with keeping your hips forward, shoulders back, and armpits engaged," Nolan says.

So, what's the first trick you'll learn? The knee hang, Nolan says. "You hang from your knees. The best way to explain is, once you've got the positioning, you take off when the instructor says to. You will hang straight, and at the end of the first swing, you will tuck up and hook your knees onto the bar, then you will swing back, and you will release your hand and do kind of a Superman reach-out thing. Then, you will swing back up, put your hands back on the bar, and you will swing forward again and take your legs back down. And that's the basic trick. At the end of class, instead of taking your legs back down, the idea is to reach out and get caught by an instructor hanging from his knees on the other end of the trapeze. That's why the timing is important, to react when a person says to, 'cause he's trying to make that connection at the exact right moment."

Hot New Workout Trend: Trapeze
(Courtesy: Trapeze School New York)