Would You Try Clothes That Measure Your Workouts?

Would You Try Clothes That Measure Your Workouts?(Source: Athos)

Activewear used to be reserved only for the gym, but these days it constitutes everyday clothing. Fitness apparel lines are launching left and right while other brands keep expanding to include sporty gear. It's clear workout wear is the look du jour, and that's not changing anytime soon.

Amidst the sea of sports bras, leggings and performance tops are a crop of brands going the extra mile by infusing activewear with advanced technology. You can now buy clothes that, when paired with Bluetooth, can measure your heart rate, muscle movement and performance like a fitness tracking device. Check out different brands of wearable tech activewear and tell us if you'd test drive it in our poll, below.

Would You Try Clothes That Measure Your Workouts?(Source: Athos Shirt)

Athos functions using a "Core," which is embedded into the fabric and has the intelligence to detect your biosignals for Bluetooth to catch. Athos apparel is wire-free and has impressive functions using electromyography (EMG) to interpret muscle effort, build, fatigue and toning. An Athos piece also measures heart rate and breathing for a truly comprehensive review. Currently, the apparel is ready for pre-order with the top and bottoms pictured above priced at $99 each here

Would You Try Clothes That Measure Your Workouts?(Source: OMsignal)

Monitor your breathing, heart rate, exercise intensity, calories burned, steps taken and even stress level when you wear a biometric shirt by OMsignal. The fabric is knitted with electrodes that work together with a little Bluetooth-enabled device (pictured above, $119) to yield metrics of your movement on OMsignal's iOS app. Note: the women's shirt pictured won't be on sale until early 2015.

Would You Try Clothes That Measure Your Workouts?
(Source: Thinkstock; Hexoskin)

Like OMsignal, Hexoskin's biometric apparel is threaded with electrodes that measure vital signs. Get stats on your heart rate, breathing rate, activity level and steps. What stands out about this pick is its additional ability to monitor your sleep efficiency. The accompanying Bluetooth device is worn discreetly in a side pocket on the tee. The whole "starter kit" including the shirt and accessories comes in at $399 here.

Now that you're acquainted with high-tech wearables, tell us what you think!

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