Workout Wednesday: Lara Gillman's High-Intensity Treadmill Intervals

Workout Wednesday: Lara Gillman's Treadmill Routine(Source: Lara Gillman)

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Who: Lara Gillman, co-Founder of Cycle House, an indoor cycling studio in LA.
Best fitness advice ever received: "Make sure your workout is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). If you are looking to burn fat and the maximum amount of calories, you never want to maintain the same level of exertion during a workout."
Favorite post or pre-workout snack: "If I need a light snack before a workout, I love to have a Health Warrior Chia Bar (24 for $15) or the Strong & Kind bars (24 for $36). My post-workout go-to is a green smoothie with hemp protein. It really feels like a well-deserved treat, it's cold, delish and packed with protein to refuel post sweat sesh!"
Favorite workout gear: "I love Body Language sports bras. We have a great one we co-branded for Cycle House ($48). The band is thick and scrunchy so it's not digging into you, and the straps are spaghetti straps so they aren't incredibly uncomfortable either. Also, always love a good pair of Lululemon run inspire capri leggings ($86)!"
Gym bag beauty essentials: "Face cleansing towelettes—I must wash my face after every time I sweat—deodorant, body mist, tinted lip moisturizer, Cycle House headband, clips and ribbon hair ties, and Psssst! dry shampoo ($4)."

Go-to Exercise: High Intensity Treadmill Intervals (25 Minutes)

"If I am headed to the gym, I like to maintain Cycle House's interval training aspect. When I am on the treadmill for example, I will switch between sprinting and jogging. Another benefit of HIIT is your workout can be a lot shorter so you are seeing more results without having to spend 45 minutes at the same pace, which for me can get very boring!"

Workout Wednesday: Lara Gillman's Treadmill Intervals

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