Workout Wednesday: Dyan Tsiumis' Tabata Circuit

All you need is 20 minutes to get your day's full-body workout.

Workout Wednesday: Dyan Tsiumis's Tabata Circuit
(Source: Dyan Tsiumis)

Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? We've got influencers from the wellness world here to share their favorite workouts. Come back every Wednesday for a new exercise to try.

Who: Dyan Tsiumis, Swerve Fitness Head Instructor
Best fitness advice ever received:"'Lift weight.' I love a good cardio session— Swerve-ing, dancing, boxing—but lifting weight will keep your body in check. It's all about balance, so you need both, but I've found in training that women tend to stay away from lifting for fear of 'bulking up.' I'm here to prove that that's a myth."
Favorite pre- or post-workout snack: "The snack that works best for me and is an easy on-the-go post-workout protein fix is a Quest Bar. I buy them in bulk and carry at least one with me at all times. They're high in protein and low in sugar and do the trick when I'm in a bind. I always go for whole foods first like hard boiled egg whites, but sometimes that's tough when you're on the move all day long. I'll probably have even more of a challenge in trying to find them, but the cookie dough is my favorite flavor!"
Favorite workout gear: "I live for Onzie Capri Pants ($56). They come in all different and fabulously fun patterns, and they're great for cycling or lifting as well as what they're designed for, yoga. For years I've lived in Lululemon hoodies. Seriously, I refuse to let them go. I've had some for seven years and keep adding to my collection. My favorite is the Scuba Hoodie ($108). It comes in a reflective version too—who doesn't want to shine?"
Gym bag beauty essentials: "I love my Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes ($6). Good skincare post workout is imperative, even if it's just splashing water on your face in a pinch. Post face wash, I'm all about my MAC Lip Glass in Nymphette ($15)—that's seriously the name of the shade. No judging! It makes you feel put together again even when you're still a bit flushed after a workout."

Go-to Exercise: Five-Move Tabata Circuit (20 Minutes)
"If I'm in a time crunch or traveling, Tabata is always my go to. Tabata is an interval form of working out proven to be the best way to train physiologically. In 20 minutes, I'm done and my body feels completely worked over. If you think 'I only have 20 minutes,' give this a shot and trust me, that will no longer be an excuse to not work out. I choose five different exercises and go to town."

Workout Wednesday: Dyan Tsiumis's Tabata Circuit
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