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Hollywood's Most Daring Vintage Fashion Moments

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10. Sophia Loren's Lingerie Scene
Who could forget Loren's famous lingerie scene in the 1960 movie The Millionairess? While racy, Loren still looked elegant in her strand of pearls and white silk gloves.

The costumes were made by the designer Pierre Balmain, so it's no wonder that they still captivate audiences 60 years later. The dress that Loren wore prior to revealing her corset — a silk salmon day dress — recently went up for auction in 2016. 

After filming finished, the costumes were shared out among the production team, and a young British woman who was the production secretary got the pink day dress, a plunging silk and lace negligee, and a cream dress with a matching hat. All those items were made by Balmain himself. She wore the outfits all through her twenties and thirties before putting them into storage. 

A few decades later, she decided to put the pieces up for auction at Duke's Auctioneers of Dorchester, Dorset, where they were expected to sell for £10,000. "These pieces would be stunning additions to anybody's costume collection," Antionette Richards, a vintage clothes specialist at Duke's, told The Daily Mail. "Not only are they beautiful examples of design and tailoring, they are also extremely important pieces of cinematic history that encapsulate the glamour of the time and the budding celebrity of Loren."