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Hollywood's Most Daring Vintage Fashion Moments

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13. Edy Williams' Bikini
Edy Williams is probably better known for her red carpet outfits than for her Hollywood movies. Known as one of the "Glamour Girls" of the 1960s, her characters were often bombshells that embraced their sexuality. Williams played into that persona while on the red carpet, and each year she arrived to the Academy Awards in a headline-making outfit.

One of her most eyebrow-raising red carpet looks was her Oscar outfit in 1974. Williams appeared in a leopard print bikini, a leopard print coat, and a Great Dane by her side. "If exhibitionism were a river, she’d be the Mississippi. And she just keeps rolling along, making waves because she wants to make a splash," People wrote in 1987.

"With her Jayne Mansfield-era sense of publicity, Williams still shows up at the Oscars every year looking like a Frederick’s of Hollywood version of Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People. What Williams wants is exposure, and she figures the best way to get it is to give it — in her see-through gowns, topless bathing suits and string bikinis."

Edy had Academy Award aspirations of her own ("even if it's just for supporting actress,") and she hoped to see her name on a star on the Walk of Fame. While she didn't get quite that far, she did always make a splash on a red carpet.