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Hollywood's Most Daring Vintage Fashion Moments

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12. Clara Bow's Bathing Suit
Clara Bow was the original "It Girl" and was one of Hollywood's biggest stars during the flapper era.  She was known as "a hard-partying jazz-baby", and wasn't afraid to break a few rules.

Actors were able to get away with racier dress choices, but even Bow raised a few eyebrows when she appeared at a dinner party wearing nothing but a bathing suit.

David Stenn, author of Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild, explained, "When director Frank Tuttle invited her to dine with his family at the elegant Beverly Hills Hotel, Clara arrived in a belted bathing suit. 'It was a shocker,' one of Tuttle's daughters remembers. It was also a violation of both the hotel's dress code[s] and Hollywood's rule of formal dress for evening engagements, yet Clara couldn't fathom the fuss. Why should something she wore make someone else uncomfortable?"