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Hollywood's Most Daring Vintage Fashion Moments

5. Jayne Mansfield's Cleavage
In 1957, Paramount Pictures threw a dinner party at the exclusive Beverly Hills Romanoff's restaurant to officially welcome Sophia Loren to Hollywood. She was an idol in Europe — and was the most photographed actor in the 1955 Cannes Film Festival — and was about to expand to the US. Jayne Mansfield was seated at her table, and she wore a pink satin dress with a plunging neckline, which Loren famously side-eyed.

Loren later shared that she was not a fan of the risque cleavage. "I’m staring... because I am afraid they are about to come onto my plate," Loren told EW. "In my face you can see the fear. I’m so frightened that everything in her dress is going to blow — BOOM! — and spill all over the table."