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Hollywood's Most Daring Vintage Fashion Moments

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16. Angie Dickinson's Midriff
In 1968, Angie Dickinson showed up to the Oscars red carpet "dressed to kill." She wore a bold gown, which consisted of a sleeveless turtleneck that had an unexpected midriff in the middle held together by a lattice. The Charlotte News reported that Dickinson "wore the craziest dress of the evening," while the Associated Press called her cut-out gown an "eye popper."

But interestingly enough, fashion pundits had more to say about Dickinson's hairstyle than her risqué gown. The actor decided to adopt the hippie, undone look that night, and not many beauty journalists liked her choice. Some wondered if she didn't wake up in time to brush her hair, while the Chicago Tribune said she looked like a "rainstorm casualty." We think she looked fabulous, though!