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Hollywood's Most Daring Vintage Fashion Moments

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Hollywood is filled with scandal, but some of the best shock-and-awe moments happened on red carpets. There have been a good amount of bold vintage fashion moments over the last century, which gave plenty of fodder for newspaper and magazine headlines. Starlets love to wear daring dresses, and a daring dress usually results in plenty of buzz. 

While some of the most scandalous vintage fashion moments revolved around plunging necklines or sheer fabrics, a dress's silhouette wasn't the only thing that made a frock scandalous. Some Hollywood dresses were shocking because of their exorbitant price tags. For example, one starlet admitted that her red carpet gown cost more than a Cadillac.

Other dresses were scandalous because they broke social conventions and time-honored traditions. Brigitte Bardot made waves when she wore a pink gingham dress when she got married in 1959, and Elizabeth Taylor rose a few eyebrows when she decided to wear yellow to her fourth wedding. 

Some stars decided to DIY their own outfits to the red carpet because they couldn't find anything bold enough in designers' collections, while others made a splash with their wild accessories. Ahead are some of the most scandalous vintage fashion moments, ever. See which ones make you clutch your pearls!