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Hollywood's Most Daring Vintage Fashion Moments

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15. Cher's Oscar Frock
Cher's first Oscar appearance was in 1968, but she wouldn't be back on the red carpet until five years later, in 1973. She returned to the awards show in a gold, sari-inspired Bob Mackie creation. Traditionally, the Oscars were — and still are — very conservative in dress. Remember how Edith Head made sure starlets wore modest dresses to not tick off censors? Well, Cher had always been one to flout convention, and she came in a sheer frock that year that flashed toned abs.

Both she and Sonny Bono were to present the Best Song Original for Picture award to the composers of the film The Poseidon Adventure, so her frock definitely got air time. According to a 1973 interview with Daily News, Mackie said Cher requested the look because she liked to showcase her trim midriff. "She likes to emphasize that," Mackie said. "So we gave her gold on gold chiffon pajamas with a bare midriff and long Oriental sleeves." She was credited with bringing back the midriff in the early '70s thanks to this look.

Mackie also felt like that year improved in terms of fashion. "This is a good fashion year for the Oscars. Better than last year, when everyone was told to wear black or white — letting women who chose color to steal the show," he said. "And better than the disaster year of hippie costume clothes. No one asked for gimmick dresses this year either — the kind that slip off the shoulders 'by mistake' in view of TV cameras."