Hot or Not: Miley Cyrus' Bouffant and Blazer

Hot or Not: Miley Cyrus' Bouffant and Blazer

Hot or Not: Miley Cyrus' Bouffant and Blazer Miley Cyrus looked like Nashville's answer to Brigitte Bardot. (Getty)
Ex-Disney kids have it rough. They're expected to shoulder multi-million dollar licensing empires before they're wise enough to know what they want or who they are, and invariably face backlash when they attempt to forge identities separate from the media-trained personalities their fans know and love.

Performer Miley Cyrus, a young woman all too familiar with this phenomenon, has chosen to completely ignore her detractors and dive head-first into adult territory. Exhibit A: The white hot Jean Paul Gaultier blazer mini she wore to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Though Miley's attire put more flesh (and strange breast jewelry) on display than any Disney executive would dare allow, it was actually relatively demure compared to what most Las Vegas club patrons wear on any given weekend. The extremely high hemline was not quite so jarring as the extremely high Barbarella hair. Miley's obviously the "go big or go home" type.

Where do you stand on this divisive ensemble?

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