Would You Try Henna Body Art?

Would You Try Henna Body Art?
(Source: Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America)At one point or another you've probably seen a henna tattoo. Whether it's on the hand or arm, the intricate detailing of henna body art is unmistakable. Although technically henna is a flowering plant, the term can also refer to the dye made from the plant and the art of temporary tattooing with the dyes, FYI. While we most commonly have seen the form of body art on traditional Indian brides, we've started to notice it popping up in rather untraditional places like festivals, tattoo parlors, and even in at-home DIY kits. 

And celebs are embracing the henna art form. In October, Rihanna sat for 11 hours to get a henna-inspired (permanent) tattoo. The tattoo, which decorates her right hand, was done by celeb tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy and Cally-Jo of Bang Bang NYC. And ever since last fall, RiRi has been rocking her intricately-designed tat everywhere, even the red carpet.

Would You Try Henna Body Art?(Source: Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America)Would You Try Henna Body Art?(Source: Rihanna/Instagram)Although henna tattooing might be a more traditional art form, it's definitely making its way into the mainstream beauty world. But would you ever try henna body art? Let us know!
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