Rita Ora's NBA Playoff Style

Rita Ora's NBA Playoff Style(Source: Gf/Bauergriffin.Com) It's playoff season, and Brooklyn basketball fans (including this humble reporter!) are all aflutter as the borough's pro basketball team the Brooklyn Nets dive into the Eastern Conference semifinals with a best-of-seven series facing another venerable team, the Miami Heat. As passions run high on and off the court, as with every sport, fans show their love in different ways. Some go to games. Others yell at the TV. Still others represent through style... yes, even the guys. Just consider the NHL hockey playoff beard tradition.

Getting back to basketball, Rita Ora looks like the sort of lady who does both. The Heat won Game 1, but Brooklyn fans like British pop star Rita seem optimistic for the next showdown, which takes place tomorrow night. While we all love wearing our teams on our sleeves, Rita opted for a full, head-to-toe ensemble of sports apparel, worn with an awesome pair of black leather boots with zipper detailing. She's got the oversized tank, worn as a mini dress of sorts, and a backwards baseball cap, too. As basketball fans, we're slightly biased when it comes to sport apparel at this time of year. So we posit the question to you, dear readers: what do you think of Rita Ora's NBA playoff style? Check out her look, and vote in our poll, below.

Poll: What Do You Think of Rita Ora's NBA Playoff Style?
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  • It's awesome. Show your love for your team with style.
  • Not so sure about the tank-as-dress look.

Rita Ora Heads Out for the Day
Rita Ora heads out for the day. (Bauer Griffin)more pics
Rita Ora Heads Out for the Day
Rita Ora heads out for the day. (Bauer Griffin)more pics »