8. Sit Around Naked
Or at least, kind of naked. When you get out of bed, put on undies and a tee and go sit on the couch with your thighs out in full glory. When you're hanging out at home and cleaning, put on a crop top and let your tummy chill out. Check emails sans bra. Watch TV in nothing but panties and a sports bra. Let your thighs pancake, your tummy roll over your waistband, your boobs sag, and get used to the way your body moves.

It's doin' it's thing and looking good while doing it. Once you get used to seeing it, you just might get used to dressing it up in short hems and tighter pieces. Your body is amazing and it's gorgeous.

Now it's time to start acting like the hot tamale you are and embracing it. 

Image: Aerie