7. Remember: Your Body Is A Body
It's time to put something into perspective. Your body isn't a hanger, a pinup ad, something to be ogled at or judged. Your body is a body, and there are so many amazing things you could do with it. You can put on a bikini, smack your bottoms, and go swimming. You can put on shorts and go running. You can put on a mini and tear up the dance floor, and you can go put on a skirt during a hot day and not melt while you get lunch with friends. 

Your clothes are just the things you put on to help you with activities (your bathing suit, your mini dress.) Your body is there to help you experience life - it's powerful, relentless, and strong. If it's doing that, then it's doing its job. There's no reason to criticize it!

Image: Modcloth