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DIY Ice Bucket
"A DIY Ice Bucket also adds an extra festive element to any party this time of year.

To make your own, get 2 round containers of different sizes. (I’ve used a plastic Red Vines container in the past, but you can also use a plastic popcorn tin, or anything else you can find really – just make sure it’s not glass so it doesn’t crack during the freezing process!) Set the smaller container inside of the larger and fill the space between the two with distilled water for a clearer end look. Add cranberries and rosemary for color. When I made this previously, I filled it up about halfway and froze it in phases to keep all the red and green from floating to the top. Repeat again once the first half has frozen through. Once both phases were frozen, I filled the sink with hot water and set the containers in the hot water to melt the sides so I could get the ice bucket out of the container a little easier. When you are ready to display your ice bucket, set it on a chilled platter to minimize the melting! Gold sugar-rimmed glasses are another easy but festive decor element that will add a fun touch to any holiday get together."