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How To Do Your Own Social Media Cleanse

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If you find yourself obsessively checking social media, you might benefit from a break. I can say this because I've been addicted before and broken my bad habits by getting intentional about my usage. What motivated me? Taking the time to stop and count how many times in an hour I had the urge to check my feed, (and what I found truly disturbed me).

Maybe you don't always get sucked into social media, but if there are certain times of day or circumstances (like riding passenger in a car) where you suddenly have the desire to scroll through your feeds over and over again, you might benefit from the same experiment. Simply tally every time you reach for your phone. If you're anything like me, you'll find you go to click on your favorite platforms without even thinking about it. And, who wants her brain highjacked like that?

Think you might need a social media cleanse? Let's see what can help.