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How To Eat Healthy Even On A Budget

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Somewhere along the line healthy eating became associated with spending a lot of money. OK, we'll admit, there is obviously a huge price difference between Whole Foods and McDonald's, but it doesn't have to be that extreme. In fact, it can really be quite easy. Just ask registered dietitians Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez, who started the multi-media platform Food Heaven Made Easy as a way to spread the word about healthy eating. With a philosophy stating, "nutritious food should be delicious, cost-effective, and relatively painless," these women want to ensure you that nutritious living is absolutely inclusive.

Wendy and Jessica are passionate about educating others on ways they can make positive changes to their diets and overall health, and that's why we linked up with these two to get their best tips, and favorite budget-friendly recipes. Keep reading for ways you can eat healthy even on a budget.