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Your Biggest Fear According To Your Zodiac Sign (And How To Face It)

Sagittarius: Loss Of Freedom
Part of that fear of losing their freedom goes hand-in-hand with being in control. This may seem contradictory for the worldly Archer, a sign that loves stepping out of their comfort zone, but think about it: Travel. Adventure. Going off of the beaten path. Sagittarians live for this, but it's always at their every whim.

Being controlled by someone else, though? No, thank you! The best way to "face" this fear? Surround yourself with people who love and understand that restlessness in your soul. They'll light you up from the inside out, and you'll never feel alone — or chained. And let's face it, no one wants a Sagittarius in chains. The world needs more of that free and beautiful spirit, dear Sag!