Don't Stress: Tips For Getting Pregnant

Don't Stress: Tips For Getting Pregnant

Trying for a baby can be a stressful time and like we said, if you and your partner put too much pressure on yourselves you could be making things even harder.

Make sure you are not stressed out, anxious or panicked, that's just as important as giving up cigarettes and taking folic acid.

A study at Oxford University found that women with a stress enzyme were 12% less likely to get pregnant during the most fertile period of their monthly cycle. They said that relaxation techniques, counseling, yoga and meditation can all help.

So why not join your local yoga center or start meditating on a daily basis? Even finding the time to soak in the bath or relax with friends will help to reduce your stress levels, and increase your likelihood of getting pregnant.

It is difficult to deal with the feelings of hopelessness that come as your period descends once more, but keep on having special time with your partner and you may find that as soon as you ease off the pressure you fall pregnant.

If you really are worried about what is taking you so long, the best thing to do is visit your doctor who can refer you to a fertility specialist.

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