Detox: Tips for Getting Pregnant

Detox: Tips for Getting Pregnant

Oh yeah, detoxing. That old, not very fun thing. Sadly, though, detoxing is a really good way to cleanse yourself of any nasty toxins that could be lurking around.

There are a few things that you really should cut back on, and they're pretty obvious. Smoking and drinking (alcohol, of course) are the two that can decrease your chances of getting pregnant, so try to cut back on them.

Drinking the odd glass of wine is fine, but to give yourself the best shot at having a bun in the oven, you should be looking to have a maximum of one to two units once or twice a week. If you can give up boozing completely then even better.

The same goes for your partner - as alcohol can affect the quality of his sperm - so the less you both drink the better. When it comes to smoking, give it up completely as smoking has a direct link with lower fertility for both men and women.

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