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COSRX: Two in One Poreless Power Liquid
This is an exciting one and another K-beauty brand. When this first launched in Asia it literally sold out in hours, thanks to its promise to give you glass-like skin. It's made with 88 percent willow bark water and salicylate, which dissolves the sebum and dead skin cells that can get trapped inside pores. It even has a cooling sensation to it, which is perfect for those hot-as-hell days.

Rated: 5/5
Sample Review: "So, I have giant pores, clogged all the time no matter what I do. I've been lasered, peeled, dermabraided you name it. I can't believe this inexpensive stuff has worked. I would say I have seen a 75% reduction in 2 weeks of use with my clogs, and smoother overall texture on my cheeks and nose. Not glass smooth because my skin would never do that, but for almost no effort and cheap, this is unreal."

Two in One Poreless Power Liquid, $22, Ulta