Get A Carry-On With A Battery
Arlo Skye is the only suitcase brand you will ever need to know, and their carry-on is going to be game-changing when it comes to maneuvering the airport. Not only is Arlo Skye a design-obsessed New York label, where it focuses on making stylish and elevated cases, but their luggage is also indestructible.

Made from lightweight polycarbonate shells and aluminum frames for added durability, this suitcase will last you years and thousands of miles. Not only that, but their carry-on features will make sitting at a gate all the more enjoyable. It comes with a TSA-approved charger with two fast-charging USB ports for your cellphone and laptop, meaning you'll never have to scavenger between airport chairs for an open outlet again. 

You can even take out the charger out with a click of a button and throw it into your purse as a portable power bank. The battery can last for days, has the capacity to charge your phone about five times, has a USB C port which can charge the latest MacBooks, and can charge android devices 75 percent faster than a regular charger. Truly the perfect carry-on.

The Polycarbonate Carry-On, $450, Arlo Skye