Photos Courtesy of Katie Willcox
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As if parenting wasn't hard enough, the omnipresence of social media has added an entirely new layer to the development of self-image and body positivity in children. Add in the reality that most moms have their own work to do in accepting themselves, and leading by example can be a real challenge. 

Katie Willcox, model, author, and new mom, recently published her first book, Healthy is the New Skinny, and has become an advocate for getting women and girls to love their bodies for being healthy instead of trying to live up to unrealistic societal ideals. If you take a moment to watch Katie in any interview, you'll immediately be put at ease by her candor and charisma. She's not only beautiful, but also real, approachable, and insightful. 

So, when we got the opportunity to ask Katie some questions about raising girls in this crazy world, we jumped at the chance. Keep reading for her refreshing insights and practical advice.