If you're worried about your daughter's weight, what's your best approach to talking with her without giving her a complex?
"I personally don't think you need to talk to her about her weight. She is aware of it I promise, but what you can do is eat healthier and get more active as an entire family. I repeat, as a family. Do not put your child on a diet or purchase unhealthy snacks and sodas for other family members and tell her she can't have them. The other people shouldn't be having those things either, especially if you love your daughter who may be struggling with her weight. My husband is really fit and when we met I was at my largest size of 200 pounds. He thought I was beautiful but I wanted to get healthy and he was so kind and supportive of my goals. He ate healthy with me because it was good for him too, he wasn't ordering pizza while I ate a salad, and it helped me so much to know that it was about being healthy as a team not about my size. Please know that your child is sensitive to their weight and the best way to love and support them is to be healthy as a family and have an unconditional love for each person."