What about dads? How can they help?
"Dads are every bit as important to building a child's self-esteem as mothers. Both parents, no matter if they are currently in a relationship or not, need to be on the same page as far as the verbal and nonverbal communication your child is receiving about themselves and others.  Dad's tend to make more off the cuff comments, that can have a lasting effect on a child's self-esteem. For example, a friend of the family had an 8-year-old daughter who was tall and thin but was concerned she was 'fat.' Her mother couldn't imagine where she would get this idea from because she had always made a point to never speak poorly about her own body and to always be positive about being healthy at different sizes etc. When I asked her daughter why she thought she was fat even though she was thin, she told me she didn't know but that her Dad comments on overweight people and calls them, 'pigs.' By voicing his prejudice against overweight people, he unknowingly taught his daughter that his love is conditional vs. unconditional and she developed a fear that he wouldn't love her if she were 'fat.' All from a few off the cuff comments, he wouldn't even remember saying. That is how important it is to be conscious of what you say and always communicate that you love your children no matter what."