How can you help other moms feel better about their bodies?
"Moms have to snap out of it! We are brainwashed into thinking we have to play this 'mom role.' We have to look perfect, be perfect, have perfect Instagram photos (which is next to impossible with kids LOL) and we have to do it all for everyone else. Motherhood was a powerful experience for me that connected me to a different and more spiritual side of myself. My daughter and I have a connection that can't be explained and through pregnancy I realized that the only way to this planet is through the female body. The same female body we think so little of once we have reduced it to measurements and numbers on a scale. I woke up, and I snapped out of it and promised myself I would no longer participate in that belief about women or myself. I look at my daughter and I feel that she chose me as her mother for a reason and that makes believing in myself easier. When I have negative body image moments, I let the thoughts pass because that is all they are, just thoughts, it isn't who I am or who I am going to be. Every woman has to get to this place themselves and I believe they can and they will."