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If you don't already know Candace Moore (@yogabycandace), then it's about time you learn. Candace is a yoga instructor and girl-boss entrepreneur who runs an awesome lifestyle blog, an amazing YouTube channel, as well as a beautiful and inspiring Instagram account. Oh, and she also just published her very first book, Namaslay

"mixes old-world yogic principles with a modern can-do attitude." Nama = Namaste. Slay = kick some major ass. Namaslay is an ultimate yoga resource that breaks down poses, provides 30-day programs, and is interwoven with Candace's personal story of overcoming obstacles such as a threatening illness and depression.

I've been a fan of Candace for a few years and recently got the opportunity to attend her workshop following the launch of Namaslay.
Here are some of her tips so you can slay at life too.