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How To Subtly Drop Hints For Your Christmas Wishlist Without Being Too Obvious

4. Bring Up What You Ran Out Of
Last week my dad strolled into the kitchen and on a grumble announced to the room that he just ran out of after shave and how annoyed he was with that fact. Guess what I bought him for the holidays? AFTER SHAVE.

It’s that easy. Walk into your kitchen and announce, “Sigh, I just finished the best book. Now I have to wait till I buy [enter book here] after the holidays.” I can guarantee you everyone in the room will be scrambling to buy that book online the second you leave the premises.

And you can do this with anything! Makeup kits (your favorite palette just ran out,) sweaters (yours has gotten moth-hole-y,) pajamas (you really need a new set,) and gadgets (your speakers sound weird.) Get creative, and get the gifts you’re pining for.

Image: Nordstrom