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How To Subtly Drop Hints For Your Christmas Wishlist Without Being Too Obvious

5. Mention What You Wish You Had More Time For
My favorite thing to get people are kits that will help them spend more time doing their favorite past times. For example, when I found out my mom has this whole Sunday evening spa ritual, I bought her fancy pajamas, a box of bath bombs, thick cashmere socks, and a bottle of wine. I boxed it all into a pretty box and - voila!- she had the best gift of the season. (Suck it, brothers.)

I’m not saying that you’ll get something exactly like that, but I got the idea because she mentioned how much she looked forward to that weekly ritual. So do the same!

Mention how you wish you had more time to read, how you really want to get serious about yoga but you don’t have a mat, how you want to experiment with makeup more but you have no tools, how you want to become a whiz in the kitchen but you have no fun stuff to play with. Drop those heavy clues and hopefully your people will pick up on them.

Image: Sugar & Charm