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How To Subtly Drop Hints For Your Christmas Wishlist Without Being Too Obvious

9. Mention Your Wishlists, And Where We Can All Find Them
I’m sympathetic to the fact that there are some people out there that just won’t pick up on clues. You can say something like “I wanted to become a writer after I read Mary Poppins when I was 10 - that book changed my life,” and your partner will smile and say “That’s cool.” And with it, the hint flies over their head and away into oblivion.

So make it easy for them: Mention your wishlists. Say you have all your “one day” purchases bookmarked on Amazon, ASOS, Etsy, Target, what have you. If you share a living space with them, surely they can open your computer one day and snoop through it.

And if they don’t...then God bless. Just accept the fact you’re getting another ugly sweater from them that you’ll never wear.

Image: Shein