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How To Subtly Drop Hints For Your Christmas Wishlist Without Being Too Obvious

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12. Mention Your New Year’s Goals
This doesn’t have to just revolve around the usual working out and saving money resolutions. Just casually mention activities you’re going to do once 2016 is out the door.

For example, my brother brought up how he wants to start making a gallery wall in his room once he gets enough money in his budget. So I got him three prints to start it off. You can do that with anything - mention how you want to treat yourself to a 100 dollars worth of books once Jan 1st comes along, or how you’re going to start running daily after the holidays, so it’d be great if you invested in a Fitbit.

If you mention a plan that’s less than a month away, the hint might become a little more apparent to the person you’re trying to slingshot it at.

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