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How To Subtly Drop Hints For Your Christmas Wishlist Without Being Too Obvious

8. Talk About What’s Sentimental To You
The best presents are those that hit you right in the heart, so share what’s special to you with those around you.

If you have a favorite picture of you and your partner, bring it up and say how you’ve been meaning to get it framed. If your pet is your world, mention how you heard you can get a portrait made on Etsy and wouldn’t that be cute? If you’ve been on an amazing trip recently, slyly drop how you really should do something special with those photos you have on Instagram. Or go even easier - drop clues what your favorite movies, books, cities, or role models are.

Anyone can easily get you a print or knick-knack revolving around those things. You just need to let them know they’re special to you.

Image: Artifact Uprising