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Ever feel like your suitcase has the tendency to become a Mary Poppins bag? When you unzip it, out come your soft knits and wide brim hats, your velvet evening dresses and vintage clutches, your hiking boots and a spare living room lamp. 

And you're standing there in the middle of your hotel room, in your underwear and slippers, thinking, "I'm insane."

We've all been there. If you don't want to feel like you're driving a bulldozer-masquerading-as-a-suitcase the next time you go traveling, keep reading. Ahead are a handful of tips that will teach you how to under-pack but make it count, meaning you won't be miserable with your small selection of choices. While you think that might be impossible for you to to do, think how fun it is wrestling your sumo-sized suitcase down the stairs of a train station. You're getting sweaty just thinking of it, right? Prepare to repent your old ways. 

Found on Pinterest here, from PB Teen.