Illustrated by Tanya Leigh Ta for Livingly
With that take-charge and take-no-shit personality, dear Aries, Mercury retro is often tougher for you than for more flexible signs (I'm looking at you, Pisces). That's all well and good, little ram: Just try to lean into it this time.

And yes, I know, "coasting" isn't really in the Aries vocabulary, and trust me: As an Aries myself, with a Sagittarius moon (that's right, double fire sign here, reporting for duty!), I get it. It's hard to sit in the passenger seat and feel as if the cosmos is taking you on a bumpy, foreign ride. But that's precisely what the current astrological climate has to offer us, and there is much to be learned if you're willing to take a seat and let yourself be guided in the right direction.