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At the start of every year, many of us fall into the act of setting grand resolutions. "This will be the year I finally [work out, eat healthy, fill in the blank]," we tell ourselves. Yet, as we near the middle of February, gyms inevitably look emptier than the days immediately following January 1st. Excuses creep into the plan and the next thing you know, you're waiting until the next new year to start over. 

What separates the resolution-keepers from the rest? Valorie Burton, best selling author and life coach who has spoken on this topic all over the world, can help you figure it out. Thanks to Listerine's 21-Day Challenge, which encourages people to build a healthy oral habit by rinsing twice a day for 21 days, we had a chance to glean some wisdom from Burton and left that conversation feeling wholly determined to keep pushing. Here are ten tips for creating healthy habits.