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We've all heard it by now –– the seemingly intangible, idealistic yet persistent calling to "quit your job and travel the world." We've read the articles. And I certainly can't deny the pull of wanderlust myself (especially since I'm one of many to pen such an article telling you why you should do just that).

In fact, most millenials have heard it so many times by now that it's become another cliche tattooed into our collective mindset. We work hard with the notion that one day, we can perhaps live this dream.

But what if I told you that it doesn't have to be just another dream? That in fact, the world today is moving full steam ahead toward a more mobile workplace? And that companies like We Roam are working tirelessly to ensure that a location-independent "future workplace" may one day be in your present?

Yes, that means that through programs like this one, it is possible to work remotely and travel the world, all while keeping your day job.

Intrigued? Us, too. Founders Sean Harvey and Nathan Yates created We Roam to enable working professionals to travel the world without putting their careers on hold. They provide workshops, speaker series, think-tanks, and networking opportunities –– oh, and did we mention those in the program get to work and live in a new city every month?